Cecilia Junior High School

PO Box 129

Cecilia, LA 70521

1038 School Street Ext.

Breaux Bridge, LA 70517

Telephone: 337-667-6226

Fax: 337-667-7352

Charee Theriot, Principal

Shawne Taylor, Counselor

Tiedra Hawkins, Asst. Principal

Robyn Scrantz, Secretary

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are very proud of CJH and the many accomplishments we have been recently recognized for.  Recently we have experienced a rash of behaviors that are not in keeping with who we are as a school or community.  Today we took proactive steps to suppress these negative events.  We need parental support in this matter and we are confident that we will have the support we need.

Technology is an amazing tool that impacts our lives tremendously.  It is the driving force behind most of the changes taking place in the way we teach and learn.  Technology is a powerful tool when used appropriately but when it is misused the damage is far reaching.  We, in the field of education, are grappling each day with issues that arise from social media sites.  It is very important for adults to monitor what our children are viewing and posting on social sites.

This said, any incidents that take place on Cecilia Junior High campus that stems from social media and negatively impacts our learning environment will result in maximum suspension from school.  The severity of the incident (eg. instigating a fight, threatening, fighting, etc.) will determine the additional consequences including recommendation for expulsion and a citation from the Sheriff's Office.

We are confident that the students of CJH will rise above this negativity.  Parents, we need you to monitor your child's social media.  Help us keep them safe.

Thank you,

Charee Theriot

The Cecilia Junior High School community prepares students for a dynamic society, through rigorous academics coupled with an investment in their social development.

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