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Here at CJH, we have a system in place to accentuate and perpetuate positive behavior. Our Positive Behavior and Intervention Support (PBIS) rewards and gives attention to the students who demonstrate positive behavior.  It intervenes with students who struggle in making wise decisions and teaches students how to improve their behavior.

Our School wide expectations are derived from the acronym B.A.R.K.:
  • Be Ready to Learn!
  • Act Responsibly!
  • Respect Yourself and Others!
  • Keep Saftey First!

"Behavior Interventions, rather than consequences, will be used and documented and parents will be contacted prior to imposing discipline in an attempt to change the behavior. We want to involve parents/guardians in the process of teaching appropriate school behaviors."

"Stop in to see the wide array of school supplies and paraphernalia available for purchase at the BARK Store. Encourage your students to earn BARK Bucks to spend at the store! We also have entertaining trips planned for those students who demonstrate good behavior, earn BARK Bucks and avoid discipline referrals."


Social Development Resources


Avoiding Fights

Self Control

PBIS Committee

Tiedra Hawkins, Team Leader

Selena Frederick, Team Facilitator
Terry Melancon, Special Service Teacher
Mona John, 8th Grade Representative
Beasia Wilson, 7th Grade Representative
Shala Cormier, 6th Grade Representtative
Marla Baumbaree, Paraprofessional
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